Boy Scouts at Camp

Recreation Jun 21, 2023

Originally published in the Bicester Herald, 9th June 1911.

The Bicester, Stratton Audley, Newton Purcell, and Bucknell scouts encamped this weekend at Dimmocks Farm, in a field kindly lent by Mr W.T. Ancil. About forty lads were present, and were under the command of Scoutmaster M.W. Smith, assisted by Scoutmaster A. Thorpe, Assistant Scoutmaster W. Thornton, and Assistant Scoutmaster R. Thorpe.
Tents were pitched about eight o’clock on Saturday last, but the lads were new to camp life, and very little sleep was obtained the first evening. Early on Sunday morning parties went out fuel seeking, and fires were lit for breakfast to be prepared. At 11 o’clock the Scouts attended divine service at Stratton Audley Parish Church, when the Rev. W.H. Oswell preached. During the afternoon one of the Scouts was attacked with sunstroke, and first aid was rendered by the members of the Scouts who had qualified for the ambulance badge.
On Monday despatch-running, etc., was engaged in, and camp was struck about 6:30, everyone having spent a most enjoyable time. There were large numbers of visitors to the camp, all of whom were pleased with the way the boys adapted themselves to camp life.